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We’d like to take a moment and think our clients for the amazing feedback. Thinking about trying The Solution? Take a look at some of our customer testimonials.


Take a look at The Solution Testimonials

I got a tattoo today after picking up a bottle. I’m absolutely blown away by how well it works. I had the artist spray it on me after the outline and every 30-45 minutes and I could hardly feel the needle. Also, there was virtually no bleeding. The artist was impressed by how it doesn’t change the skin or anything. That would make it more difficult.

I’ll never get another tattoo without it!!


I’ve used a lot of these sprays for treatments. They work well but this works better, more of the redness seems to go and go quicker too. It’s also the only one I’ve used which hasn’t caused any fading to the pigment, retention is identical. It’s a must-have for treatments and for content creation, especially when clients are travelling a long way so you can make sure everything is perfect!

Ian Dennis

Owner, Scalp Clinicc

“I was impressed by how fast it works compared to others. I really like how it helps with the redness. It allows me to pack in the colours more accurately.”

Greg Harder

“What a great product very clean and done exactly what it said it would! Will definitely be using going forward! Thank you!.”

Willy Quaye

Scalp Nation - UK

The Solution’ really is the Solution – An amazing product! Fast numbing & IDEAL for those all-important after photos 📸



Marty N
Marty N
Ken is a life saver! I have a severe case of Alopecia Areata - to the point where more than 50% of my hair on my head is gone. Shaving my head did not really help, as the bald patches are still very visible. Everything I've tried thus far, including steroid creams, prescription meds, kenalog injections did not work. Ken has been working on my head for a few months now, as new bald patches keep appearing. The results are spectacular. The SMP blends right into the existing hair (whatever's left of it). It looks very natural. Very highly recommend.
Andrew McManus
Andrew McManus
Did a lot of research before going to Scalp Tech. Ken is amazing. Did a fantastic job. Why would you risk something permanent.....GO TO KEN!!!!
Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins
Using the services of Scalp Tech Inc.was probably the worst decision I have ever made. Ken made some major mistakes on the SMP that he performed on my head leaving me with redness, dark spots and scarring that I get to carry around for the rest of my life. He promised me that he would make this right, nearly 6 years ago. Yup, admitted that he messed up but he would make it right no matter what. Ken claimed that he switched the needle type part way through the second procedure and forgot to take the speed down which resulted in large dark spots all over my head. He tried picking at the spots with a sharp tool to “exfoliate “ the ink. Absolutely did not work but left little scabs all over my head. Same can be said about a plasma pen that he was claiming would work. Ken then said that laser tattoo removal was the best thing to do so I started doing that. I would make an appointment with the company that he recommended and he would be responsible for the payment but he would ultimately leave me with the bill and I would have to chase him for reimbursement. Ken had also sent a message to me that he would no longer be able to pay for these treatments well before the issues were resolved only to later agree to keep paying, like he is doing me a favour. The text messages from Ken can be vulgar, hostile, riddled with spelling errors and very unprofessional. I have endured many hours having this painful laser treatment which left scarring and redness. I have missed family holiday gatherings, corporate events or even just going out to get groceries because of the lack of skill Ken possesses. The reason that I wanted SMP was to hang up the baseball hat that hid my balding head, now I have to wear it everywhere I go. If I don’t cover up I get comments like, “Wow, what happened to your head? Did you lose a bet or something?” He has tried to cover up the mistakes on my head with more SMP but it is still not resolved. It was in 2018 when I first asked him for a refund, (he did insist on cash as payment and didn’t provide any receipt but I am sure Tax Canada is cool with that), and as recently as June of 2023 and both times he initially agreed to this but the days, weeks, months and years keep rolling by and no action from Ken. The amount of emotional distress he has caused me as well as the physical pain is difficult to measure. If you are considering having this procedure done, think carefully on what the final result may look like and if it is a failure, will the person who did it take responsibility? I feel that the level of integrity is very low with this person, proceed with extreme caution. This is my personal experience with Ken, maybe you will have better luck, maybe not. It is not slander if it is all true Ken, you made your bed and now you can sleep in it.
Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson
Ken is the absolute best; I feel so lucky to have found him and received SMP from him. I wanted to get SMP for years but was afraid of a bad result (we've all seen them online; no need to pretend they don't exist!). Man, I wish I had found him years ago. I'd be shocked if anyone in the field was better than him at what he does. My partner loves the result and isn't afraid to tell me if I look ridiculous, which she often does. I actually have a decent head of hair, but the shaved-down SMP result looks so good and natural that I'll probably stick with shaving—just incredible work by Ken. On top of his quality work, he is super reasonable to work with and goes above and beyond to help out his clients, myself included. A visit to see Ken is always worth the drive, and his results are worth every penny and more. Check out his Instagram with results. None of those pictures are touched up in any way. Thanks again, Ken! You've saved me so much mental energy now that I no longer have to think about my thinning hair.
Doug Penner
Doug Penner
Nothing but positivity and awesomeness from Ken. He knows his trade really really well as you can tell from his portfolio. I left everything in his hands and trusted the process and I’m telling you the results at session three are worth it. It’s not only girls who can add a bit of fake now lol. Life changing guys. I wish I had heard about smp earlier. His shop and service to you is above 5 stars guys. Definitely feel like a part of me I lost is back again. Thanks for what you do Ken. Keep it up we need you brother 😀
Where to start, Ken you're the man and I appreciate everything. This procedure changed my life and I can't thank you enough. In my opinion there is only one option when it comes to SMP and its Ken at Scalp tech. He is by far the top dog when it comes to SMP. Thanks again brother talk to you soon.
Shawn M
Shawn M
Ken is one of the most professional and knowledgeable people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. From all of the information and understanding I received right from the initial consultation to the genuine follow up and assurance of satisfaction after the last session, he always delivered. I always felt informed and involved throughout the whole process and he would take the time to explain to me how my scalp was responding and the reasons why things needed to be done in certain ways and timing, always assuring me to trust in the process and he was right! I’m so glad I decided to go for it and even happier that it was done by an expert like Ken, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results!
Mike Liesemer
Mike Liesemer
This was without a doubt one of the best decisions I've ever made. I had been considering SMP for a while but I was always concerned about finding a quality artist with natural looking results. I couldn't be more thankful I found Ken at Scalp Tech...He did an even better job than I ever could have imagined possible with this treatment. The guy is a legitimate artist with SMP. The entire process start to finish was informative, easy going and worth every penny to get the results I have now. If you are even considering this treatment... reach out and speak with Ken. He will provide you with a ton of information that will help you make the right decision. He's a great guy who is passionate about what he does and his results speak for themselves. The only regret I have is that I didn't do this years ago... I can't stress it enough... Get this done with Ken at Scalp Tech. Thank you my man!!
Alexandra Nagy
Alexandra Nagy
The training course I took was excellent. I appreciated how thorough and in depth it was. Ken is a dedicated trainer & was actively giving constructive feedback anytime it was needed. Thanks so much Ken!!
BO SteelmanBow
BO SteelmanBow
I feel so lucky to find the right person to take care of my bald head. Ken is positive energetic active skillful master in this field. All you need to do is trust him and let him know what you want. My mum and girl friend like his work too. A million thanks to Ken again and highly recommended to anyone who needs SMP.

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