The Solution

Tattoo Numbing Spray

By Scalp Tech Inc.

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5% Lidocaine

For Pain


.01% Epinephrine

For Inflammation

The Solution: Tattoo Numbing Spray And FOAM

5% Lidocaine + .01% Epinephrine Spray & Foam

Tattoo numbing products are becoming an increasingly popular choice for tattoo artists, as they offer a fast-acting and effective way to reduce pain during the tattooing process. The numbing agent in the spray helps to minimize discomfort, allowing clients to remain still and enjoy the experience more fully.

What Make The Solution a great tattoo numbing spray

The Solution is an innovative numbing spray and foam combo that has revolutionized the tattooing experience. The combination of 5% Lidocaine for pain and 0.1% Epinephrine for inflammation makes for happier clients.

Why Artist Use The Solution?

The Solution allows artists to increase the length of tattoo sessions, as clients are able to relax and be far more comfortable for much longer periods of time. The product does not eliminate all pain–clients still feel it, but significantly less than before The Solution was available. It works so quickly that it stays ahead of the sensation of pain, allowing longer-lasting alleviation from discomfort.

The Solution is a crucial aspect in allowing artists’ clients to have comfortable session times while they show off their creativity through body art.

"This stuff WORKS! We were hesitant to use any other anti redness/numbing sprays in the past for our SMP treatments, but after seeing this product was developed by a respected SMP industry vet with FDA approval, not to mention the results and reviews - i grabbed a whole case for my studio and student kits! My artists and students have been loving the anti redness, it makes working on sensitive skin soo much easier to see and makes their pictures look flawless. Clients have confirmed the numbing definitely takes the edge off. Game changer 💯👌🏾."

Ana James
-Carnegie, Victoria, Australia

"I've used alot of these sprays for treatments. They work well but this works better, more of the redness seems to go and go quicker too. It's also the only one I've used which hasn't caused any fading to the pigment, retention is identical. It's a must have for treatments and for content creation, especially when clients are traveling a long way so you can make sure everything is perfect!"

Ian Dennis


"I was impressed how fast it works compared to others. I really like how it helps with the redness. It allows me to pack in the colours more accurately."

Greg Harder

The Solution’ really is the Solution - Amazing product! Fast numbing & IDEAL for those all important after photos 📸

Kristian – KRT SMP
Walsall, England, United Kingdom

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